Profiles: Skye and Yukon

This malamute profile story is submitted by Doris Thompson of Rockwood, Ontario, Canada.   She also submitted these wonderful photos of her stunning Malamutes.

    Yukon Gunner and Skye Essence are brother and sister from Timmins, Ontario (Canada). They were born to a litter of ten on Remembrance Day, November 11, 2014, so these two Malamutes are just 1½ years old.

     Yukon (aka Yukie) and Skye (aka Bird) had their first airplane ride (as “carryon” luggage) to their new home with us (a family of five, with one senior Golden Retriever and a little Pug) in Rockwood, Ontario, four days before Christmas 2014. It has been pure joy, love, and adventure since their arrival.

  • Yukon Mellow
  • Skye Jumping
  • bird
  • Skye and Yukon Playing Again
  • Skye and Yukon Playing
  • Yukon Portrait
  • Skye and Yukon Sniffing Something Good

         Our first momentous Malamute “adventure” was with Skye at 3½ months old, when she swallowed a Bully Stick whole, which lodged in her throat. Luckily she performed a projectile spew to get it back up, but not so fortunate for the cute, little, girl with blond ringlets and a pink tutu, who was petting her at the time.

     At the age of four months, Yukie and Bird started daily, half day Doggy Daycare to get them socialized. At first they were shy, but it didn’t take them long to gravitate (primarily) to the Boxers and Huskies as their new furry friends and for lots of playful memories. Now they return to daycare occasionally to reunite with their fun, tail wagging buddies!

     A typical day for all four dogs consists of us venturing out for an hour of leash-free exploration, in the 100 acres of woods in our neighborhood. Every walk has its own story! Last week Yukon and Skye came home with a face full of porcupine quills, which warranted an emergency excursion to the vet to have them all pulled out, one at a time! And since the warm weather has arrived, every walk ends with the Mals racing back home to the pond for a drink and cool down, then spending the rest of the day chasing birds, squirrels, chipmunks, snakes and each other on our two acre property.

     That is until 5 pm, when Yukon and Skye await the homecoming of the rest of their family members from work, partly to say “hello” to their long-lost humans, but also because they know dinner will be following soon. After their short dinner rest, the two of them are back outside until sunset, burning off any remaining energy, before they come inside for their cuddle time and sleep…only to start all over again at 6 am the next day!

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