Profiles: Shamus and Grady

    Check out these two lovable Moots!  Gayle Cook sends us photos of her two Malamutes, Shamus and Grady, both 5 yrs. old.  They live in upstate New York where they get a lot of snow judging from the pictures showing the snow in the backyard almost as deep at the fence is tall!  Nevertheless, her two Mals love it!   And naps too!.

  • Is it snowing yet?
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  • 12899753_1694003034206413_954107341_n
  • 12571285_1694002170873166_1114955226_n
  • SNOW!!!!
  • 12920870_1694002927539757_1187650992_n
  • 12895255_1694002920873091_22330108_n
  • 12910562_1694002977539752_1497019467_n
  • So this is where all that snow went?  Doesn't seem like much.

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  1. Hi Fred Thanks for doing the profile on my two boys I will be sending more in the future I enjoy reading everything on your site thanks !
    • fredbonds
      I am looking forward to it!

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