You Won’t Believe This! Commercial Dog Food

     I recently came across some articles that discussed what I can only call the appalling and sick truth about dog food ingredients.  More specifically, ingredients such as meat meal, animal by product meal, bone meal, poultry meal, chicken by product meal, animal fat, tallow, and animal digest to name a few.  To be brief, these all refer to rendered animal products.  The process of rendering involves the grinding down of diseased dead animals, meat scraps, road kill, etc. into a paste which is then cooked down to a fine powder.  This powder is then sold to pet food companies and put into their products which is fed to our dogs.  Did anyone see the movie, Soylent Green?  More disgusting that this is that euthanized animals from shelters and veterinarian offices find their way to the rendering plants.  But wait, it gets worse.  The drugs used to euthanize animals don’t break down in the rendering process so the dog food you purchase at the store can be laced with drugs like phenobarbital.  It also contains bits of plastic, metal, and other contaminants that survive the process.  And this is going on here, in the United States, not China.  Why?  Because there is virtually no regulation in regards to what is put into pet food.  The truly sad fact is that most of the dog foods being sold to pet owners is not safe for human consumption.  So why feed it to our beloved dogs?

rendered label

     Of course there are others areas of debate regarding dog foods.  Are grains okay for dogs?  Should your dog eat a raw food diet?  All of these pale in comparison to the intentional placement of diseased, hormone-ladened, drug contaminated animal parts into your dog’s food.  Here is a partial list of popular dog food brands that used rendered products.

  • Beneful by Purina

  • Alpo by Purina

  • Ol Roy by Walmart

  • Kibbles and Bits

  • Pedigree

  • Purina Dog Chow

  • Hills Science Diet

  • IAMS

  • Kal Kan

  • Eukanuba

     Research the dog food you are using and make sure it does not use rendered animal products.  Acceptable options are 100% natural meat dog foods, homemade dog foods, and raw diets.  Each provides your dog(s) with ingredients that are safe for human consumption.  Don’t we owe it to the animals in our care to give them the best we can?

    As a solemn side note, upon writing this I became somewhat upset.  My big Malamute, Scout, passed away about four months ago and he was too big for our vet to take the body so I had to drop it off at the shelter.  I was worried that my baby was sent off to a rendering plant (imagine how you would feel).  I found out that the shelter uses an animal crematorium.  I was relieved.  The point is, we don’t think about what happens to our beloved pets after they pass, so maybe we should be asking our vets and local shelters whether they send the bodies to rendering plants.  If so, we should pressure them to stop.

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