Malamute Marriage Officially Recognized!

     On the heels (no pun intended) of the recent video release on YouTube of the marriage of two Pomeranians in a lavish garden ceremony, comes news out of Indonesia that two love-struck Alaskan Malamutes have tied the knot in an official wedding ceremony.  As reported in the Daily Mail,  the event was held at the Mega Trade Centre in Manado, Indonesia in the presence of 100 guests.

     The bride, Yipa, wore a traditional white gown accented with a garland of light purple flowers.  The groom, Buls, sported a black waistcoat, white dress shirt, and glasses.  As they were escorted down the aisle by their owners, one could easily see that these two lovers could barely contain their excitement.  While there is little information about how these two met one can only imagine it was love at first bite as the two frolicked at the local dog park.


     After the ceremony, the two newlyweds enjoyed a piece of their doggy wedding cake with guests.   They were obviously exhausted after the long days events.

Editorial Note:  We here at MalamuteLIFE applaud Yipa and Buls for their courage and deep devotion to each other.  In a world where non-traditional marriages are discouraged and in some cases even forbidden, it is refreshing to see the community come out to support two young Malamutes as they begin their life as a couple.  With all the heated debates in the news about who can and cannot get married, and even questioning what marriage is, we need events like this to remind us that love comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors and we should always support loving relationships no matter how unusual they may seem.  One can only imagine what is next as the world becomes more accepting of such unions.  Will we ever see a dog and cat marriage?  Fox and hen?  Perhaps a jellyfish and Beluga whale?  Where love is concerned, the possibilities are endless.

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