Featured Products

This page features products we have researched and selected specifically for Malamutes.  We will add more as time goes on.  Some of these products are associated with affiliate links which allows us to make a small commission on the sale should you purchase any of these products.  We thank you in advance.

pet and family portraits


"Turn Your Photos into Paint Effect Portraits - Remove Blemishes and Backgrounds to Produce Something Truly Beautiful to Last a Lifetime"

The people at offer a really neat service for a very reasonable price.  Now you can get a portrait of your big old baby that looks like it has been hand-painted.  They can also do other subjects as well.  Give them a look. 

Dove Cresswell's Dog Training  Program

Hands down this is the best and simplest dog training program you can use to work with your Malamute.  Dove is highly credentialed in the field of dog-training and has a program that works.  This is a fairly comprehensive program that covers the basics to special needs cases.


245 Homemade Dog Food Recipes by John Miller

John Miller is one of the most trusted dog food experts in the world.  In this program, he offers you his trusted recipes, including specific recipes for health problems.  He also covers what is wrong with retail dog food.  This program produces dramatic improvements in dogs and is highly touted as being the best resource for dog owners.

ebook doghouse

How To Build A Dog House

Big dogs need big houses and if your Mal is going to spend a lot of time outdoors they need a house they can spread out in and be comfortable.  Those thin plastic igloos just don't cut it.  This is the best program available on the internet.  The plans are very well done.  Material lists are accurate and the construction is very simple requiring only a few basic tools.  The results are spectacular.  Large, insulated dog houses with removable partitions that your big dog can relax in. 


Pet 360 For Proud Pet Parents!

A terrific site for owners of all types of pets.  Great information,  a real pet community site, and outstanding deals on pet supplies.  Free Shipping too!

New Resource!


Wysong Natural Dog Food

For over 30 years, Wysong has led the industry in creating all natural, supplement enhanced dog foods.  The health benefits are remarkable especially their allergen free dog food.  One of the few pet food companies that is based in the United States.  Located in Midland, Mi., they do not outsource any aspects of their product line.