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Malamute Vs. Zombies!

    Imagine yourself alone in an arctic military post.  The world has gone insane with a zombie virus effecting everything in its way.  You missed the last plane out, the plane that was evacuating personnel and sled dogs.  Something goes horribly wrong on-board and the plane crashes.  You are stranded.      This is the…
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Profiles: Shamus and Grady

    Check out these two lovable Moots!  Gayle Cook sends us photos of her two Malamutes, Shamus and Grady, both 5 yrs. old.  They live in upstate New York where they get a lot of snow judging from the pictures showing the snow in the backyard almost as deep at the fence is tall! …
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Profiles: Skye and Yukon

This malamute profile story is submitted by Doris Thompson of Rockwood, Ontario, Canada.   She also submitted these wonderful photos of her stunning Malamutes.     Yukon Gunner and Skye Essence are brother and sister from Timmins, Ontario (Canada). They were born to a litter of ten on Remembrance Day, November 11, 2014, so these…
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