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The 10,000 Year Old Malamute

     Long ago, around the end of the last major ice age (about 10,000 years ago), a Malamute-type dog emerged.  Existing in small, inbred family groups (or packs) that struggled for survival in a harsh post-ice age environment.  These Malamute ancestors fought against the far more powerful wolves that shared the same hunting grounds and…
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Ten Things You Did Not Know About Alaskan Malamutes

 1.       The malamute is the official state dog of Alaska as of 2010.  The students at Polaris K-12 school were behind the movement to make the breed the state dog.  The malamute won hands down because of its long history in the region, going back 5000 years as well as its presence in every aspect…
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Who Was Jacques Suzanne?

     Although few outside of the field of arctic exploration know who Jacques Suzanne was, few who learn of his travels can deny that he was as flamboyant as he was dedicated to bringing the experience of his travels back home for others to share. Explorer, actor, sculptor, and painter, the “Great Explorer” as he…
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