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LDN and Canine Polyneuropathy

     Canine polyneuropathy is a progressively destructive condition involving the peripheral nerves.  Most commonly involving motor nerves that control movement, it can also involve sensory nerves.  Although there are several types of polyneuropathies, a large number of the conditions involve the immune system.  According to several studies, the progressive breakdown of the neurons can be…
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The 10,000 Year Old Malamute

     Long ago, around the end of the last major ice age (about 10,000 years ago), a Malamute-type dog emerged.  Existing in small, inbred family groups (or packs) that struggled for survival in a harsh post-ice age environment.  These Malamute ancestors fought against the far more powerful wolves that shared the same hunting grounds and…
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Saving Your Mal’s Eyesight! Breakthrough In Cataract Treatment

Each year, like their human owners, millions of dogs develop cataracts.  Without treatment the cataracts progress eventually causing significant loss of eyesight, even blindness. Dogs are prone to cataracts with nearly half of all dogs having them before the age of 9 years and virtually all dogs, approximately 7 million of them, having them in…
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