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"INDIANA" - GCH CH Banshee's American Adventurer, CGC TDI, WWPD, AOM  submitted by Michael McGuire

    The Alaskan Malamute has remained relatively unchanged throughout its history.  Today there are a range of variations in the appearance and size of the dog.  Each variation is stunning.  From the standard to the giants, from short coats to the woolly longhairs, the Malamute is a beautiful and independent dog with an amazing history.

     For information regarding the AKC breed standards for the Alaskan Malamute, click on the link below:

     For more general information about Alaskan Malamutes, check out the Wikipedia site.  Click on the link below:

    Alaskan Malamutes are the heavy hitters of the working dog class.  These amazing dogs can pull heavy loads on sleds over great distances and continue to be used for that purpose today.  The video below shows a real freight hauling team in action.

     If you have any doubts about how touch this breed truly is, check out this extreme footage of a real sled pulling team of Malamutes in harsh weather.