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About Me

     Hi!  My name is Fred Bonds and I am a Malamute junkie.  Well, maybe not that bad, but of all the breeds of dogs I have had in my life, I love my Malamutes the most.  I love them so much I have spent the last 15+ years immersing myself in the breed.  Learning about the long and amazing history of the breed.  Looking at thousands of pictures of various Malamutes.  From the standards to the giants, from seal coats to long woolly grays.  Without a doubt, the Alaskan Malamute is one of the most visually stunning dog breeds, but even more amazing is the love and companionship these dogs feel for their owners. 

     Currently, I have one Malamute, my big girl, Leela.  Leela is a 140 lb. massive giant, seal, long-hair woolly with disarming eyes, a beautiful smile, and the most perfect disposition you could ever want.  She’s my baby!  We recently added a puppy to our family, Buddy.  Now Buddy is not a Malamute, he is a mix:  black Labrador and long-hair German shepherd.  He is Leela’s adopted puppy and the two are amazing together.  I have had two other Malamutes in the past, Scout and Nikki.  Sadly, both are no longer with us.

     I have run the gambit of experiences with my Malamutes and want to share information, stories, pictures, resources, and personal observations with those of you who may be considering becoming a Malamute parent, who have their own pack, or are just big dog lovers.

     Please join me in celebrating these magnificent “fur babies” and the remarkable people who share their lives with these amazing dogs, the Alaskan Malamute.

P.S.  That photo of me was taken years ago, but I like it so that's what I am putting there.

About Leela


     Leela is my 2 year old Alaskan Malamute and she is my big girl.  She is a giant, long-haired woolly variety and weighs about 138 lbs.  Leela was born at L & N Kennels in Ubly, Michigan which is owned by Gail Nash.  They have a reputation for breeding some amazingly beautiful Malamutes with outstanding temperments.   Leela is a testament to their efforts.

     Leela gets along with everyone.  No one is safe from her requests to have her back scratched or to mooch some food (typical malamute).  She also enjoys a bit of celebrity status here in our town as she is often seen driving around with her huge head sticking out the window of our van,  greeting people outside the local supermarket,  terrorizing the staff at the local pet stores, and supervising activities at the local dog park.

     After the loss of our older male, Scout, who had been with Leela since she came to us as a puppy, Leela was depressed.  After a few months we brought home a puppy for Leela with the hopes that she would take up the mother role and she did.  Buddy is a mix breed:  black Labrador retriever and German long-haired shepherd.  She adopted Buddy as her own and now the two are inseparable.  It is amazing to watch the learning process with Buddy as Leela teaches him the lessons a growing puppy needs.  Through these interactions I have learned a whole other level of Malamute behavior.

     Leela is the inspiration for this website.  It is because of my special relationship with her that I want to share my Malamute experiences with others.